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Shown here is a diagram of a typical Gravi-Chek installation.  The labels on the diagram are linked to information about each item.


River source / Supply / Water level

  • The 1 inch Pump requires 6.8 G.P.M. Minimum to operate, with a Ram/Friction loss of 4.5 ' / 100.
  • 2 inch Pump 30.3 G.P.M., 2.5 ' / 100
  • 4 inch Pump 87.2 G.P.M. , 2 ' / 100

In order to activate the Gravi-Chek pump you will need to locate a clean water source with an applicable fall.  If the source is not clean, your pump may malfunction.  You may require a filter or sedimentation tank at the connection from your water supply to your drive pipe.  If you use a tank as the supply and the water needs filtering, install the filter on the supply side of the tank instead of at the start of the drive pipe; this allows water to enter the drive pipe unrestricted (any restriction at the drive pipe will reduce the water flow to the pump, lowering pump efficiency).  The water level in the supply tank should be at least twelve inches higher than the drive pipe to avoid air entering the drive pipe.  If air enters the drive pipe, pump performance will decrease and the pump may stop working.


Fall requirement / Drive pipe

The fall to drive pipe relationship is 1 - 5; that is, for every foot of fall, five feet of drive pipe is required.  For example, a four foot fall requires a twenty foot long drive pipe.  An increase in the pumpÔs output will be produced by increasing the fall and the drive pipe length.  Do not exceed ten feet of fall with a fifty foot long drive pipe; although this will increase the pumps output, it will produce too much pressure in the pump and may cause failure.  We recommend that cast iron or galvanized pipe be used for your drive pipe: we strongly advise against using PVC schedule 80 if the fall is greater than three feet.


Lift / Delivery pipe

The lift is measured from the base of the pump to the highest point your water will be pumped.  As the lift is increased, the flow rate will drop.  The delivery pipe can of flexible material, but must withstand substantial pressure (44 PSI per 100 feet of delivery pipe).


Holding tank / Holding pond

The output of the delivery pipe should be directed to a holding tank or pond for further distribution.


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