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Gravi-Chek, the Motorless Water Pump, is the latest technology available in the ram pump industry.  This pump is designed to pump water effectively up-hill without a motor.  The water itself, entering the pump at a ten percent grade provides the power and perpetual motion to activate this pump.  Carlson and Beauloye, in business since 1924, have crafted this Motorless Water Pump with durable new materials.  The results are a powerful light weight aqua-dynamically designed pump that has revolutionized its industry.  After years of investigation and design work, Gravi-Chek introduces a ram pump with increased efficiency and performance.  This is achieved by utilizing a high-impact durable buoyant ball as our float valve and designing the pump so that the water introduced into the pump is free to flow through the pump.  As a result, Gravi-chek is the only pump in the industry to operate with as little as a two foot fall.  As a leader and an innovator in our industry, we are proud to introduce the most reliable and cost effective motorless water pump available in today‚s water transportation industry.  Gravi-Chek utilizes the latest technology available to construct a non-corrosive light weight aqua-dynamic ram pump.  These changes allow for greater pumping efficiency, less fall, and high durability.  Futhermore, the shipping weight of the largest Gravi-Chek pump is less than fifty pounds, and can be shipped cost-effectively anywhere in the world by air freight.

We welcome your new business and all inquiries.  We commend the individuals and businesses that have taken advantage of this beneficial water pumping technology.  We have introduced Gravi-Chek to offer vialble and practical alternatives to remote and obstructed areas of the world for their water transportation needs.

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